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Williams Vet Physio is now holding Canine Physiotherapy Clinics at Rose Cottage Veterinary Centre. The Cheshire based company is run by Jennifer Fleming, an IRVAP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist. Jenny is a fully qualified, insured physiotherapist working with both small and large animals. Jenny works alongside Rose Cottage Veterinary Centre to offer an extensive range of services, both in the surgery and at your home.

In the same way that Physiotherapy has proved successful for humans, Veterinary Physiotherapy has now become a more legislative and widely accepted form of treatment for animals. Physiotherapy can benefit patients of all ages and breeds.

Dogs, like us, suffer from a wide variety of conditions which may benefit from physiotherapy. Whether you have an elderly dog with arthritis or an agility dog at the top of his game, physiotherapy can help with a huge range of conditions and injuries. For further details on specific conditions that physiotherapy helps treat please visit the Williams Vet Physio Website. Similar to Humans, dogs require physiotherapy post surgery to reduce recovery time and enhance the healing progress. Working alongside the vets, a home treatment plan can be established for you to carry out at home with regular visits from Jenny, or we can treat your animal in-house, whilst they recover.

• Restore, maintain or improve Joint Range of Movement (RoM)
• Alleviate / reduce pain caused by surgery or medical problems
• Improve gait biomechanics
• Improve, maintain or restore muscle strength and mobility
• Increase flexibility
• Aid recovery from neurological problems
• Improve proprioception and sensory awareness

Even if your dog has no apparent sign of pain or injury, it is good practise to book in for 6-monthly routine assessments. Physiotherapy can be used for injury prevention to improve strength, balance, coordination and gait, as “prevention is better than cure”. If you have a working dog such as those who compete in agility or fly ball, or a gun or sheep dog, they may benefit from physiotherapy. In order to perform to their optimum ability they require sport specific conditioning, body awareness, core stability and pain-free, flexible muscles.

Jenny treats all animals although she specialises in horses and dogs. If you are not sure whether physiotherapy is appropriate for your animal’s condition, please contact Jenny for free non-obligatory advice

All bookings for Veterinary Physiotherapy should be made direct with Williams Vet Physio using the details below.

Mobile: 07801 314 133