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Needles in cat's back

Cat receiving acupuncture for a bad back.

Ken provides acupuncture for a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, both traumatic and chronic (e.g. arthritis and muscle injury). Acupuncture is not successful in all cases, but a high proportion of patients respond very well. It can be used alone but can also be used in conjunction with conventional medication. Sometimes the dosing of this medication can be reduced with acupuncture.
We have had several cases of back pain that have not responded to conventional medication, that did well with acupuncture therapy.

Dog receiving electroacupuncture

We can use electroacupuncture in cases that require a more powerful stimulus

Recently there has been some very good research to explain the mechanism by which acupuncture works. The mechanism could involve inhibition of painful stimuli by competing adjacent nerves being stimulated by needling (gate theory), release of endorphins (natural pain killers) and the release of spasms in myofascial planes. If you would like to explore acupuncture treatment for your pet, then contact the surgery to discuss your case, with Ken

Jemma and Tagg