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Horse Vaccine Amnesty

Horse immunization

Has your horse's vaccination lapsed, leaving them unprotected against flu and tetanus.
Equine influenza is widespread throughout the horse population and spreads rapidly through susceptible unvaccinated horses. Symptoms include a high fever, coughing, a nasal discharge and depression. Most adult horses recover within a few weeks, but the time taken to regain full health performance may be many months.
Horses are particularly susceptible to tetanus. It is important to note that a horse doesn't even need to leave it's home to be at risk of picking up the infection. A small puncture wound can be all that is required for the tetanus bacterium to enter the body and in most cases the disease tragically proves fatal, despite all attempts at treatment.
PREVENTION is better than cure and vaccination is a key element in the fight against infectious diseases
For a limited period, we are running a VACCINATION AMNESTY, giving you the opportunity, if your horse's vaccination has lapsed, to restart your horse's vaccination course for the cost of a single booster!
DON'T DELAY, PROTECT your horse today ( Second visit half price )

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Rose Cottage provides a full range of veterinary services for a variety of horses, e.g Shetlands, show jumpers, hunters to "happy hackers"

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Digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy and even minor surgical procedures can be carried out at your yard, avoiding the need to transport your horse to our clinic.

Our vets are experienced in carrying out pre-purchase examinations or "vettings".
Contact the surgery to discuss your individual needs.



Health Advice

Plant hazards for horsesPoisoning by various wild plants can occur. Click on the image to see the chart of poisonous plants, to avoid to protect your horse.

Horse road safety

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