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Louise joined us in 1986, two years after we opened. She has progressed to become our Head Nurse. She generously passes her extensive knowledge on to our up and coming nurses, and is very supportive to them. In her spare time, Louise enjoys keeping fit, walking, reading, dining out and holidays.
Louise processes the majority of insurance claims submitted to the practice. In 2013, Louise re-homed an injured hedgehog in her garden, called munchkin, where it is doing very well!

Louise and owl


Jane migrated south of the border from Scotland to join us in 1992, lured by one of the loves of her life, Trevor. He faces competition for this affection from 3 cats, Brian, Kevin and Dennis.
Jane specialised in exotic pet nursing, achieving one of the highest scores in the UK, and has an extensive knowledge of a range of species.
Her hobbies include horse riding, dining out, walking, cycling, gardening and going on holiday, but most of all her new found passion GOLF.

Jane is our senior training nurse, responsible for so many great nurses being trained at Rose Cottage. as recognition of this she has won the Wigan Centre - Best Clinical Coach Award.

Auscultating a hen


Nikki joined the practice in 2009 and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2016. She is actively involved in our nurse clinics.
Her hobbies include reading, sewing, cross stitching and shopping! Nikki recently took the big step getting married.
Nikki rescued and gave a home to a guinea pig named Rosanne

Nikki listening to heart


Laura joined the practice in 2010 and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2019. Her hobbies include reading, baking and walking with the dogs. A healthy Disney and Taylor Swift obsession. Laura enjoys spending time with her family and husband Matthew, and also growing her own vegetables. Laura is a keen zero waster and has an interest in sustainability. Laura has a passion for working with senior patients and exotics.

Laura has 2 cats, Florence and Eugene Fitzherbert, Tilly the poodle cross and Hunter the yellow labrador.

Laura holding cat


Emma joined the practice in 2007. She has proved to be a valuable member of our team, developing skills in the laboratory, and is very proficient in many facets of veterinary nursing and involved in our nurse clinics.
Her hobbies include swimming and the cinema. She enjoys dining out and also enjoys watching her son Jordan playing football on Saturday and Sunday. Jordan supports Liverpool, while Emma secretly supports Manchester United!
She has a staffie called Torres, 2 cats called Binx and Luke, and a cheeky Meyers parrot called Henry, who used to be a resident at the practice. She also has 2 Netherland dwarf rabbits called Bobby and Theo.
Emma has achieved her RVN qualification

Emma answering the phone


Laura joined us in 2015. Her interests include dining out, socialising with friends and family, travelling, cuddling her cats, dog walking, photography, baking / cooking, cycling, reading, pretending to go to the gym and making people laugh! She is affectionately known as crazy cat and samoyed lady!
She has 3 cats, Simba, Luna and Percy.
Laura has completed her RVN qualification in 2021.



Holly joined us as a receptionist in 2016. Since joining Holly has transfered over to our nursing staff. Holly runs the laboratory side of the practice, where blood samples etc., are handled. Her hobbies include baking, dining out and walking her dog. She has a labrador cross springer called Millie.
Holly has started on her training towards RVN qualification



Gemma joined us in 2009. Her hobbies include indoor climbing, walking, swimming and metal hand stamping, enamelling and general crafts. She has a keen interest in farming and mechanics.

Gemma enjoys time with her family and time spent with her pets. Gemma's husband is tractor mad and shares her love of her pets. She has a large collection of pets, 2 dogs Queenie and Connor, 2 cats Jasmine and Ivy,2 rabbits called Clover and Harlan, a chinchilla called Draven, a bearded dragon called Ember, a crested gecko called Benji, 3 spiders called Aster, Nova and Danica, 3 quails called Quentin, Piglet and JJ, and a fish tank.
Gemma has recently achieved her VCA certificate.

Gemma holding Tagg for acupuncture


Sarah joined us in 2001. She is in charge of ordering our stock, a very important job in the efficient running of the practice. Her hobbies include walking, reading and travelling. She enjoys family time and socialising with friends. She has 2 cats, Joe and her recent addition a kitten called Zookie.

Sarah checking the drug order


Corinne joined us in 2015 after completing a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, having worked with the RSPCA for 4 years. She has 3 children, called Summer, Lexie and Marley. She enjoys going on holiday and spending time with her family. She has various pets, a dog called Lola, a cat called Coco, a rabbit called Polo, a cockatiel called Henry, plus a collection of tropical fish.



Amy started as a Saturday Girl in December 2019. She then progressed to a full time posiion, as an auxillary veterinary nurse, with the long term goal of qualifying as a registered veterinary nurse. Amy has a dog called Lola and 2 bearded dragons. Amy enjoys playing netball.