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Susan joined us in 2014. Her hobbies are wine making, reading, dining out and watching movies. She has bred Cavaliers and Pugs in the last 11 years. She has a pug called Coco, two cavaliers called Toby and Willow, and a border terrier called Biscuit.
She is married with four children.

Susan answering phone


Having worked at Rose Cottage 20 years ago!!!, Yvette rejoined the practice in May 2016 and has fitted in as if she has never been away. She enjoys camping and craft making. She has seven rabbits (Willow, Blossom, Luna, Cloud, Ocean, Forest and Thistle).


Danielle joined us in 2016 as an Auxiliary Nurse but overtime has become a fully fledged receptionist.

This transfer of roles has given her brilliant 'behind the scenes' knowledge and is extremely well versed in all things pets! At home she has a Staffie named Rio, a Border Collie called Lacey and a yellow fronted Amazon parrot called Floyd who is just as chatty as she is! She enjoys spending time with her family, socialising with friends, meals out, or just having a good natter!