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Rose Cottage photos



Lovely cake gift from Megan and Tiger

Cake gift

Buddy, the English Bull Terrier, needs to have surgery on his knee to repair a dislocated knee cap. Megan and Tiger (Williamson) brought a cake to thank the staff for their care.
What a lovely thought from two lovely kids, a credit to their mum and dad.

Norman's Birthday cake made by Suzie

Cake made by Suzie

Nikki's wedding

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Funny cartoons

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Fabulous cake made by Rachel while she was a student seeing practice with us!

Cake decorated by Rachel

Liz enjoying a ride on the beach.

Liz riding horse

Henry (Meyers Parrot) used to be a resident at our surgery, until one of our nurses, Emma, gave him a home. Sadly Henry passed away in March 2023 after 26 happy years. Rest in Peace Henry


Ken's cat Vinny when he was a kitten

Cat on a cushion

Yin and Yang

Halle and Slinky

Halle and Slinky curled together