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Post op pictureWe recommend neutering male dogs after six months of age (after which anaesthetic clearance is more efficient), which allows them to reach maturity before administering an anaesthetic. It is important to discuss with one of our vets if castration is the right choice for your dog and at what age it may be best performed after 6 months old. Some male dogs do not mature mentally until later than 6 months and the presence of male hormone can help develop their confidence.

Exteriorising the ovaryAs a practice we prefer female dogs to have their first season before they are neutered. We feel it allows your pet to mature both physically and emotionally. Many practices perform the operation prior to this, but for reasons often based on ease of performing the operation for the surgeon and fear of dogs accidentally getting pregnant.

We prefer to make the decision from your pet's point of view, so we advise performing the operation 2-4 months after their first season.
However the final decision as to when to perform the operation will be yours, so please ring and we can discuss your preferences and plan the right decision for you and your best friend.

Intradermal skin suturesIntradermal skin closure ensures comfort and minimal attention paid to the wound by pets.

Intradermal suturing


Cats are neutered from six months of age, both male and female. Please ring to discuss the procedure in detail with one of our vets.