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Neotrombicula mites

Harvest mites present on the ventral abdomen skin of this terrier

A referral service for problem skin cases is run by Ken. Skin problems are one of the commonest presenting signs in practice. As a member of the European Dermatology society, the most up to date dermatological knowledge is available.

From L to R :- Demodex mites, Scabies mite, Malassezia (peanut shaped) yeast.

skin sample collectionRoutine skin investigations like skin scraping, cultures, cytology, coupled with clinical examination and taking a thorough medical history allow most skin cases to be diagnosed. Skin cases are one of the commonest presentations in practice.

We also perform intradermal skin testing to investigate allergies, a test not routinely offered in most practices, which allows us to use immunotherapy as an additional treatment option for allergic pets.