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Manchester Museum Vivarium

The vivarium attached to Manchester University's museum is a world leader in conservation of endangered frogs. Veterinary care of the collection is provided by our practice, (by Ken and Jen). Some of the frogs are being bred to release back into their natural habitat, where they are almost extinct.

Nyctimantis rugiceps
Agalychnis callidryas
Agalychnis Lemur


Manchester Museum VivariumJen, Ken and Norman were invited to the launch of "Learning with Lucy" by Manchester Museum's Vivarium, in the role of the vivarium's veterinary surgeons. The project is to save the habitat of the Costa Rican Lemur leaf frog and breed young frogs to repopulate their habitat, which has shrunk dramatically to a very small region of Costa Rica. The event was attended by the Costa Rican Ambassador, His Excellency Enrique Castillo and his wife.
Sadly deforestation is both removing the habitat and increasing global warming, which encourages the growth of a deadly fungus, called Chytrid, affecting amphibians. It is estimated this fungus could account for the loss of 30% of the world's amphibian species, in the near future. Astonishingly every year deforestation accounts for more CO2 emissions than the total emissions of the US and China. Every year an area of deforestation in Brazil, the size of England, occurs. South America accounts for 60% of world deforestation, for agriculture and farming to supply the world. 40% of the products in our supermarkets use palm oil, associated with deforestation in South East Asia.
We can all consider our actions and what we buy and their impact on the environment. To discover more or to donate to the project click on the links below.

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