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Dental Equipment

Dental care is so important, as dental disease is very common in pets. We have modern dental machines to restore dental health for your pet.
Bacteria present in the plaque on teeth can seed around the body and infect the heart, kidneys and other organs. From simple dental disease we can get seriously ill patients. Thus good dental health has benefits all around the body.

Above left - Tooth before and after cleaning and polishing
Above right - Overgrown Rabbit teeth and after rasping

Tooth cleaningWe advise introducing puppies and kittens to good dental care as early as possible, training them to accept regular brushing of their teeth. It is essential this is done gradually to ensure they are not frightened by the procedure.

Check below for possible signs of dental disease
1. Excessive drooling of saliva
2. Sore mouth
3. Problems eating or dropping food
4. Wobbly tooth or tooth loss
5. Pawing at or rubbing mouth
6. Blood from the mouth, or blood stained saliva
7. Staining on teeth
8. Bad breath