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Diagnostic Aids

We can investigate difficult cases using state of the art equipment. At Rose Cottage we have an extensive range of equipment:-


Alice looking at radiographsDigital radiography provides superior detail when performing Xray investigation. We can enlarge images for greater detail. Accuracy of exposure, minimises the time spent under anaesthesia. Radiograph JPEGs are attached to their respective patient's records, for ease of recall. The system can record lesion size for comparison over time, and can measure body parts accurately, which is especially important when sizing implants for orthopaedic procedures.

ventro-dorsal radiograph

Radiograph of the chest and abdomen of a dog

Radiograph of a fish

One of our more unusual radiographs, a lateral view of a fish.


High performance ultrasound machineWe have several ultrasound machines, allowing us to perform ultrasound investigation in pet animals, farm animals and horses. We investigate problems ranging from heart disease, abdominal problems to tendon problems. Pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring can be performed in a variety of species. Our premier machine has advanced facilities like doppler to demonstrate blood flow.

Cardiac scan

Ultrasound scan of cat heart


We have several endoscopes of various sizes to allow visualisation of internal structures of various parts of animals, including the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, nasal passages and bladder in small animals. Endoscopy of horses is performed for examination of upper respiratory tract disease, including the sinuses and guttoral pouches.