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Absent Friends

Henry Keating - 1997- March 2023


For those of you who didn’t meet Henry, he was the Rose Cottage practice parrot for many years before he went to live with one of our Nurses, Emma. He was an expert in mimicking the door chime at night, the phone alerts and a drip alarm, and could diffuse any tense situation in the back room with his cheeky little cackle! His passing very much signifies the end of an era here at the practice. Jen the Vet even remembers him dive bombing her head when she was a Vet student which should give you some idea of how old he was! He’s had a fabulous home with Emma, and was certainly the best cared for, happiest parrot we've ever met. His passing will certainly have left Henry shaped holes in lots of hearts and he will be missed dearly.

Angel Schofield 2010 - 5/3/2023


Angel came to us from the RSPCA, sadly mistreated she had a back leg missing. With lots of TLC she became an extremely loving dog, loyal and playful, always up for a ball game. Not letting her disability hold her back too much she lived an active life and proved herself to be one tough cookie! Thanks to all the staff at Rose Cottage, especially Joe who helped enormously to keep her having a great quality of life, and Lucy who gave her such a peaceful end once that quality of life had gone. There's a big Angel shaped hole in our lives and she's greatly missed but we are fortunate to have been able to love her and be loved in return.

Absent friends thought
absent friend



Oscar Boothman

Oscar relaxing

German Shepherd 17.12.09 - 2.11.21

When tomorrow starts without me, don't think we are far apart, for every time you think of me, I'm right here in your heart.
Love Irene and Ian Boothman and family xxxx

Charly Fraser

Charly crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge while I was at her side, joining Katie, Sam, Tim and Sheba before her. The last chapter of her life was full of love, joy, and affection, despite her struggles with paralysis. I miss her dearly, I will never forget her and how much she meant to me, how she made me feel she changed my life forever.
Charly was so beautiful and smart, a dear, sweet, loving family member and though I knew the time would come to say goodnight, she will never be forgotten, her beauty remains forever.
May the angels wrap their beautiful wings around you, providing comfort, peace and love, you are free to run and play Charly with your brothers and sisters in heaven.
Thank you little one until we meet again, to see and hold each other once again.
Many thanks to all of you at Rose Cottage for all the love and support you gave Charly and me and to Bel a very dear friend.
Charly Fraser 2007 to 12/10/21

Tiger Wilson

Tiger relaxing

Tiger was a big part of our life since she was 8 weeks old. She has always been a kind and loving soul, with a gentle nature. She has a left a huge paw print in our lives that will never be replaced.
Thank you to Ken and all the staff for their hard work and dedication while tiger was there.

Lots of love Charlotte, Matty, Toby, Jake, Florence and Marcus xxxx

Bella Marks

Isabella Biscuit Marks. Bella - Boo, Bella, little Bells; our precious little girl and mummys baby.

Who would have known that something so small would leave such a huge hole in our lives, in our paw printed hearts as Bella did? Her ears were always wet, her tail non stopped wagging, she woofed a lot, gave the best kisses and would happily sneeze in your face to bid a good morning, to let you know she was awake and could you please let her out for a wee. She dawdled along on our adventures, she rolled in absolutely everything and anything and wow was she proud of herself, the smellier the better! Bella gave the best cuddles, she snuggled her fluffy brother Enzo completely when she felt like it and loved to drive in the front of the car with me, her mummy. So, in between our hello and goodbye there was love, so much love and I wouldn’t change a thing, we wouldn’t change one thing.

Bella 14th January 2012 - 21st July 2021

Brisa Smith

Spanish Water Dog

Estrellana Brisa. Spanish Water Dog 18/09/2005 - 25/05/2021.
Run free at the bridge pretty girl 🌈 Go play flyball with the Spanish Wires.

Alice Ward

alice picture

Alice Ward
5.10.2010 – 19.5.2021
We adopted Alice in 2015 when she was retired from racing and she was just the gentlest, prettiest girl, so full of personality. She had a very happy and comfortable life with us, and we were lucky to have her in our lives for 6 years. We’re going to miss her so much.
Run free sweet Alice, all is well. We love you xx

Molly Roberts

molly 1

Molly was a true friend and a loved member of our family, Molly came to us in her later life and the years we had with her brought much comfort and happiness to us all. Thank you Mum for the gift you brought us,
Molly you will always live in our hearts.

Poppy Lou

Good bye my beautiful Poppy. You was my best friend. You got me through the hardest time in my life and I don't feel right without you. I will always miss you 💖💖😭

Bruno Baker

Bruno was always more than just a dog to us and he will always be part of our family. He was incredibly loyal and protective.
He’s left a massive space in our hearts but we have beautiful memories that we will always cherish. We’ll never forget the time he ran off and rolled around in cow poo, when we were on our honeymoon! We had to sneak him back into the hotel and shower him off - this was not easy, as the owners of the hotel were outside!
We can’t thank Joe and all the team at Rose Cottage enough, they gave us an extra 2 and half years with Bruno and helped make his final moments peaceful.
Bruno is at peace now but he is greatly missed by his mummy, daddy and little sisters.

Ella Williams

Ella Williams you truly where one of a kind.
It’s been 8 weeks since your pretty little face left our home to be an angel in the sky.
We can’t describe the pain we’ve felt from your absence after loving you so hard for 10 years of your crazy little life.
You showed us loyalty and love like no other.
From being a show pup at 5 months old and owning the stage with the dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, to being the biggest diva we all knew. We couldn’t have picked a better little lady.
Ken lovingly brought you into this world on the 19th of October 2009 and was right by your side on the 13th of June when the angels needed you more.
We can’t thank him enough for everything he did for you even if you were the biggest drama queen and diva when taking a trip to the vets!
Life is never going to be the same without you our girl and we miss you more and more each day.
Sleep tight cotton head.
Lots of love and cuddles from your Mummy, Daddy and big sisters Lauren and Lois xxxxx

Emunah Caney (meaning Faithful in Hebrew)


Precious memories of my Emunah. Miss you so much, sleep peacefully mummy's girly until we meet again.

Troy Berry


'Our loyal, trusting, gentle giant has gone over the rainbow bridge which has left a massive hole in our hearts. He truly was the best family pet we could ask for and will be massively missed. RIP Troy Boy. 🐾'

Harvey Mounfield

A little bit of a story for Harvey Mounfield.
13/04/2003- 24/06/2020

Harvey came in to my life in July 2003. He came to work most days from the age of 6 months up until 2015, greeting customers.

Unfortunately I got divorced in 2011 and Harvey soon become man's best friend to me.

I moved to a Welsh village, not knowing anyone. Within 1 week, Harvey broke the ice with everyone, we were both made very welcome in to the local pubs in the village and both made friends with locals in no time.

We left wales in 2015 returned back to Runcorn, and again Harvey made many friends again,

I could only class Harvey as a gentle loving dog.

He was always trying to keep going even on his final few hours but unfortunately old age get the better of him on Wednesday 24/06/2020 RIP.

Henry Webb

Henry was a lovely little man of our family. He was a great character, we will miss him so much. He left paw prints in our hearts xxx
Thank you Ken and Joe
Karen webb and family

Snowy Stokes

Grooming dog

Snowy you have left an enormous hole in our hearts. You were a beautiful gentle soul who brought so much joy and love to our lives. We will never forget you little man, enjoy your well earned rest.

God Bless from
Your heartbroken Mum, Dad, Elvis, Spud, Poppy and Timmy

Vernon Campbell

Group photo

Vernon was a wonderful member of our family, who came to us from the RSPCA, and we had 13 fantastic years with him. He is seen here as a youngster with his then 2 older sisters, Poppy and Chloe. He will be sadly missed by Bee, his recent pal.

Luna Whelan

Luna Whelan 28/11/19 to 12/4/20

Luna, RIP little princess, we are devastated you were taken from us. It was far too early and you were meant to be with us forever.
You were still a baby and far too young.Your little mischievous and loving personality brought some light & joy back into our lives after losing Kim. You were so special to our family. What little time we had together, will always be in our hearts.
We will never forget you Luna, our hearts are broken into a thousand pieces. Xxxxx

Cesar Sharp


Cesar my 14 year old westie passed away on 24/02/2020.Miss him so much.Most amazing dog well behaved, stubborn, so laid back nothing bothered him.Never had any health problems until 2 years ago. Recovered well after that, untill the last 2 weeks before he passed away.Had to make the decision of putting him to sleep, which was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.He's at peace and out of pain.We all love and miss him so so much just not the same, feels so empty.We all love you Cesar, like you will never know. Rest in peace my best friend .xxxx

Lilith Forshaw


This is Lilith. My beautiful corn snake who passed on Monday 17th of February 2020. She was a stunning snake with a beautiful personality. Yes snakes do have them. Jen took care of her and she was amazing. The staff were too. I will miss my snake immensely but she isn't in pain now. Thank you Jen for everything.

Toby Yates


Today on the 4th February 2020 the angels came and took you my beautiful beloved Toby. I had you since you were 9 weeks old and you passed away at 16.5 years old. Words can’t express how much I miss you, you were loved so much. We wish we could have been there to say goodbye and cuddle you one more time. We hope you can find your way back to us here in Australia and understand why we had to leave you behind. Thank you mum & dad for looking after him towards the end when we knew we had to leave to come back to Australia. It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. We are happy though that you are no longer in any pain and I hope you can now be back with us in Australia in spirit. You had a great life and travelled the world. Miss you, my bestest friend ever! I will never forget you my sweetheart, you brought so much joy and happiness to all of us. I hope you are with Brandy now, hopefully I will see you again one day 😥.
RIP Toby Yates (29.06.2003 - 04.02.2020)

Casey Blue


My beautiful little girl. Will love and miss you forever. Thank you for being the best friend anyone could have.

Chester were the best cat ever!
Gone too soon. Loved by the whole neighbourhood but especially by us
We'll miss you x
All our love
Liv, Sammy, Pete, Annie & your feline adopted sister Elsa

Mila Tither

Mila Tither

Our little Princess Mila, we miss you so much baby. We are so lucky that we got to spend eight wonderful years with you and are devastated that you were taken from us so soon. You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts and you will always be our little girl. Goodnight and god bless princess, we love you xxx

Dora Legg

Dora's boundless energy and beautiful temperament made her the perfect pet. She will never be forgotten by our family. We love her very much!!

Kim Whelan

Kim, you've left a huge hole in our hearts.
Life will never be the same without you.
To say we are devastated is a understatement. You will be sadly missed always and forever. RIP beautiful girl 29/11/2019. Xxx

Your devastated family xxx

Candy Grice

Candy sleeping

Our beautiful girl Candy - we had 14 years together - you passed so suddenly but no pain anymore - you were a big part of our family and now there’s a massive hole in our lives and hearts - will miss you forever - run free RIP xxxxx

Morgan Stevenson


This is our gorgeous boy Morgan. He was so gentle and loving and we are lucky to have had him in our lives for the past 15 years. Goodbye our beautiful boy, till we meet again by the rainbow bridge XXXX

Thanks for all you have done for him,


Sebbie Barker


Seb, we knew your time with us was limited and it was so hard to say goodbye. We are so grateful for the times and experiences we shared. You will be in our hearts and minds forever.
Your very sad Mum & Dad xxx

Harriett Grice

Harriett Grice

Harriett was a big part of our family for nearly 20 years - will always miss her terribly - she was a bundle of mischief xxx

Thank you

Thumpers Molyneux

Thumpers 1
Thumpers 2

Thumpers you sadly had to leave this world you made a huge impact and a love in our hearts that will always remain. ♥️You had an amazing personality, a cheeky sense of humour and a very big mouth ! You will always be my special girl and we will all keep your memory close to our hearts, sleep tight ♥️♥️
Thank you to each and everyone of the staff at Rose Cottage for your dedicated love and support without the help of Sean and Joe we wouldn’t have got an extra two years with you, Joe you never gave up you worked as hard as me to give her a good comfortable life and spending her last few moments of life with you and your love and dedication I will hold close to my heart forever, thank you

Ellie Hartley

Ellie looking
Ellie Hartley gave I have something?

I feel so lucky that you chose to live with me, literally breaking into the house.

For 9 years we have been inseparable and my heart is broken that you have gone.

You will be forever with me,

Toby Robinson

Toby Boy

Sleep tight my little boy. Will miss you forever and always. Thank you for blessing my life with your love, my little Toby boy. Xx

Alejandro Maxwell

Alejandro Maxwell

I rescued you 11 years ago and now you leave me broken-hearted. You were such a character and in many ways you rescued us.
We love you Alejandro and always will ❤️
Forever in our hearts love
Mummy’s Dionne & Rea and you’re big brother Milo ❤️ xxx

Mrs Dionne Barker-Maxwell

Roly Poly Thow

Roly enjoying eating

“Roly Poly, you were the cutest and friendliest piggy ever. We didn’t get to have you for very long but we will miss you a lot, and so will Tiddles. We hope you’re a shining star with Pops now. Love from Ewan and Lucy. Xx”

Mackeson (Mac) Worrall

Mac and Guinness (his dad) were our family dogs. We sadly said goodbye to Guinness in 2011, but were blessed to still have Mac. My husband and I often took Mac on camping holidays and had lots of adventures. In early 2018, due to my dad's illness, we were priviledged to bring Mac to live with us full time. At almost 17, he was an old man himself, but loved going out and about until his last couple of days, so we still had plenty of adventures. I thought of him as my furry little brother rather than a pet, and was devastated to have to say goodbye to him on 16/11/18. I miss him every day, but I'm grateful for all of the happy memories.

Mitzi Roberts

Mitzi was a loving pet, grumpy at times but that's what we loved about her, pure catitude.

In loving memory of Mitzi.

May 2002 - Jan 7th 2019


Shirley, Brian & Alan Roberts

Mickey Ross

Mickey Ross. (aka little monkey !)

who could not smile when they met him ?

All of a sudden he decided to say goodbye.

Cooper Birtwistle

Cooper - Loyal friend and best pal.
We miss you so much, Coop's, you will live on in our hearts and memories forever
Love always XX

Lottie Livingston


You have been with me a long time and were always there for me when I needed you. Our house doesn’t feel the same, without you mooching around. Abigail keeps looking for you when we say your name. Thank you for all the love, support and just being there for me over the years. Sleep well Lottie. We will miss you always.

Love & Tickles From

Kat, Andy, Tom, Abigail & Strawberry


Luna Callow

On 16th October 2018, we said goodbye to our lovely Luna. She was still only a baby at 3 years, but made those 3 years so special for us as a family. Helping our oldest daughter overcome her fear of dogs and welcoming our youngest daughter to the world, (Luna probably being the first one to know she was on the way and being protective of me throughout the pregnancy). She showed anyone she met love and affection and excelled in giving massive hugs.

Luna was a massive part of our family and will be sorely missed. We are absolutely heartbroken and we will never forget her xxxx

Deb, Barry, Jenna and Etta Callow

Bobby Griffiths

My special dog Bobby past away on the 18th September 2018. I love him and miss him with all my heart. Sending hugs to you and Roxy, over the Rainbow Bridge together.

Love Gail & Jazz xxx

Coco Clifton


Our very special Coco we can never thank you enough for the fun, love and happiness you brought to our home. We miss you very much now and always 💕🐾

Many thanks to you all
Veronica and John Clifton

Holly Marshall

Holly was our beautiful little girl, munchkin & princess. She was the big sister to our little boy Sebastian.
Sadly Holly passed away very suddenly on the 9th October 2018 at 9 and a half years old.
We miss her so much already, the pain we feel just won't go away & never will.
Rest in piece & god bless beautiful girl, run free with Spencer over the rainbow bridge.
Until we meet again, all our love forever mum & dad xxxxx

Spike Jones

Spike Jones

This is Spike he was 14years and 7months when he had to leave us on 16 April 2018. We had him from 14 weeks old from Cats Protection. No one wanted him he was so timid, but we took him and loved him. He was a sweet and loving cat always, never a bite or a claw. We will miss him very much.

Maya Stringer

A little friend that gave us years of fun and love

Maya Stringer

Harry Preston

Harry loved by all and a great character
Maurice and Susan Preston

Louie Ng

Louie Ng

Sweet Louie we loved you so much ,you were our first fur baby and the last to leave us.
Molly passed away a few months ago, she was your buddy for 15 years and you were both inseperable, you were never apart, You are at peace now she will be with you again running around making mischief . Thank you sweet gentle Louie for being part of our lives and leaving us with so many lovely memories.

Love and hugs forever both of you.
Mum, dad, Anna, Dan and Vic. Never forgotten xxx

Dill Caton

My darling Dill sadly passed away on 25 September, peacefully at home, lying on my chest where she had been all morning. I was always afraid she would fight right to the end as she was such a feisty madam who never lay still in my arms for more than a few minutes, but for once she lay so peacefully for hours. She was never the same after losing her litter mate Louie seven months ago. She was suddenly so ready to go.

My heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Rose Cottage who have been amazing over the years to both myself, Louie and Dill. I really can’t thank you enough.

Special thanks to Ken who has cared for us so well over the years, and to Sean who we had only seen a couple of times but who was truly compassionate and considerate when it came to Dill’s departure.

My feisty Dill had such strength of character, and with her laid back protective brother they were perfect mates and companions who enhanced my life so much. We were a perfect happy pack.

Louie Caton

Sadly, on 12 February 2018 I had to say goodbye to my darling Louie. He was put to rest peacefully at home, snuggled close to my chest in the position he would always find comfort and security at night if he was restless.

I would like to thank all the staff for the constant dedication and care shown. As a practice I have always had nothing but praise. The 24-hour service makes such a difference with the knowledge that you will always speak to a practice vet. So comforting to know that help is always just a phone call away.

I would especially like to thank Ken for the respect always shown to me in decision making. Ken’s skills as a vet and the joint effort ensured another six good years for Louie that he would otherwise not have had. Thank you Ken for going above and beyond for Louie at the end and the compassion shown.

Louie absolutely loved life. It was a privilege to have him in mine. Every day made happier because he was with me. My privilege to share such a unique and special loving bond.

Heartfelt thanks
Honora x

Bobby Jones

Something tastey

Thank you all at Rose Cottage for your wonderful and caring service,

Love Bobby

Oscar Sowery

Dearest Oscar, aged 14, a sweet, loving, intelligent life companion who brought happiness wherever he went and brightened our lives. Left us at 10:25 on 8 June 2018, until we meet again

Thanks to all at Rose Cottage for their help over the years.
Mark Sowery

Tess Shrubb

Search and Rescue dog

Tess lived a full & wonderful 13 & a half years, running marathons, climbing mountains & working as a search & rescue dog. From her first puppy jabs to the final days Rose Cottage provided an exceptional level of care & handled her tumour with amazing dignity, thank you so made everything so much easier

Please pass my thanks to all the staff


Charlie Haselden

Our beautiful brave boy. We loved you with all of our hearts, you were brave for such a long time. We miss your little ways like when you use to constantly scratch on the doors or bark at the smallest crumb of food. Your sister Skye had to leave before you, but you went and followed her to be together forever, We know why you both had to go but we would do anything to have you back. You have forever left your paw print on our hearts.
Thank you to all the staff at Rose Cottage especially Ken for all the support you have gave us for the loss of both of our dogs.

Skye Haselden

Our Skye had no choice but to leave us and we are all heartbroken. We would like to say thank you to Ken Robinson and all the staff for caring for her until the end.
Skye, you weren’t just a dog, you were part of our family. You were our little princess and our little ray of sunshine. You were Charlie’s cuddle buddy and even though you and Pixie fought, she misses you so much. You have left our lives but you will never leave our hearts. Good night, god bless.
Lots of love
Michelle, Gemma and Callum xxx

Gizmo Clamp

Gizmo Clamp

Our beloved, sweet little boy Gizmo died suddenly at home on 27.05.2018 aged 9, leaving us broken-hearted. Our world will never be the same without him.
We hold you close in our heart forever. Night night baby, we were so fortunate to have had you in our lives and will treasure the many happy memories that you gave us all, from the very first day when we brought you home as a tiny puppy, through till the sad day when you had to leave us.

We would like to thank the staff at Rose Cottage, especially Jen and Ken for taking such good care of our precious boy.

We love you Gizmo, never forgotten. xxx

Peter Clamp

cat walking in garden

A huge big thank you to all the dedicated staff at Rose Cottage, especially Ken who didn't just take care of our little boy whenever he was poorly, but for genuinely caring.
Peter at the grand old age of 25, sadly passed away at home on Thursday. Words can not express how much we will miss our boy.
Sweet dreams Peter.

Tilly Hamilton


This is Tilly our lovely boxer. She left us 2 weeks ago for rainbow bridge at a good age of 12 and 1/2 years. She was such a lovely girl & we miss her so much.
We would just like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Rose Cottage over the last few weeks for your care & compassion shown during this sad & especially to Ken who has cared for Tilly from being a puppy, we couldn't ask for better care than what we have received for all our boxers over the years so a huge thank you.
We have our 3 year old Ruby our white boxer still, she has missed Tilly so much & looks so lost but she will be ok, lots of loving & cuddles we are getting there.
Thank you all so much again.
Alison & Carl Hamilton xx

Sammy Callistan

Samantha Callistan Sept 2003 to May 2018

Sammy was an adorable affectionate and lovely girl. You could do anything with her. I will miss her very deeply and will be lost without her, but she is pain free and not suffering anymore. R.I.P. Sammy, gone but will never be forgotten x.

Charlie Wilson

Charlie was such a lovely boy nothing bothered him. He fought hard over the past couple of months and everything was done to try and help him, but he decided himself that he’d had enough and went to sleep peacefully. He will be sorely missed, but remembered fondly by his family.


Brooke Green

My beautiful Brooke, very much loved and will always be missed!
Laura Green


George May

This was our cat George who will be missed for a very long time. He came to us as a 10 week old kitten and we fell in love with him at once, always up to so much mischief we had to watch him and what he did. George sadly was not with us for a very long time but he has left so many happy funny memories for us to cherish . sleep tight friend
Jane and Brian


Muffin Rutter

Our Muffin. Loved by Jen, and all her family and friends.

Carol Rutter


Click on photos to enlarge

"Our little Nacho went to bunny heaven on 25/01/18. He was truly one of a kind and we will miss him so much. Its crazy how something so little can bring you so much happiness. Thank you to Jen and all the staff at Rose Cottage for caring for him over the past few years, he was a little fighter and we know we wouldn't have spent 5 amazing years with him without your care.
RIP our Little Nachy Pants AKA the friendliest guy in town!"

Thank you

Jen and Chris xx


Lost friend Taz

Taz. My gentle and constant companion for 16 years. This lovely old gent will always be remembered and much missed. RIP little one.
Mairi & Micah xx


Funny, cheeky, bossy little Daisy we will always remember you with love in our hearts.
Thank you to Rose Cottage for caring for her so kindly. X


Sebbie Burke


1st September 2009 -21st November 2017

Loved by everyone who knew him. Gone far too soon. There were many battles along the way, but he took every chance Ken gave him. He used all of his nine lives and probably more. Many thanks to Ken and all the team at Rose Cottage.

Sebbie packed a lot of living into the time he had. Always fun to be with. He had a sense of humour and played with me as much as I did with him. He was a gentle peaceful cat, a creature of habit, and so easy to live with. He brought fun, laughter, happiness and joy into my life every day.

Thank you Sebbie for all those happy memories. You were the very best. xx

Zizzi Pritchard

Sad farewell to a great friend

Ivan Bennett

Thank you all so much, at Rose Cottage, for caring for our boy Ivan especially in his last few days. He was still so happy even in his last moments.
R.I.P. IVAN 01-01-2005 ----20-07-2017.
Free to run on beaches and swim. Run in fields with friends and chase squirrels up trees and eat his ice creams.
Goodnight you faithfull loving friend.
Always with us in our hearts

Alan & Linda Bennett

Giggle Belly

Delilah, one of a kind with such big character. (Giggle Belly) always giggling and had everyone wrapped round your finger. When Clare went to pick you, she knew you were the one. Soft fluffy bundle, who we all grew to love. Over Rainbow Bridge you go.

Many thanks to the staff at Rose Cottage for their kindness over the years.

Missing you. Jason, Norman and Pat xx

Max AKA Scraggy Bear

Max Cowley

Through this heartache we can find comfort in the fact that you got to spend your last couple of years in a warm home, with a constant supply of food and a family who love you unconditionally. The mystery of where you came from will remain unsolved. We love and miss you so, so much,

The Cowley Family.

Temena Sutton


Monday 6th March 2017 ......... one of the hardest decision I've ever had to make. My companion, best friend, Temena was put to sleep. Over the rainbow bridge you go. I'll miss that wet black nose nuzzling under my arm, looking at me as if she knew what was going on, I will miss you deeply Temena.
Thank you to all the staff at Rose Cottage you cared and treated her like she was your own. Even in the end you treated with her with so much respect and dignity.

Dobby Marshall

Dobby Marshall

Xx Be happy at rainbow bridge xx

Tia Findlow

Goodbye Tia, you were a one off and such a character. Tia gave us so much, We are all missing you but will always have special memories of our time together to treasure – thank you for the pleasure and love you gave to us.

Mike & Sue Findlow

Harry Danson

Harry Danson,
My beautiful, beautiful boy. Loved forever.

Many thanks to the staff at Rose Cottage for their kindness over the years. Special thanks to Jen for taking care of Harry.
Carolyn Danson

Holly Townley

cat lying

In memory of our special and very loved 17 year old cat Holly who sadly went to sleep on the 19th October 2016.
A big thank you to all of the staff at Rose Cottage for their exceptional kindness and especially vet Jen who helped Holly to her peaceful last sleep.
She was a happy, quiet loving companion and we will miss her very much, she was a huge part of our lives and is sorely missed.


The Townley Family.

Lucy Hope

Dog finishing the yoghurt

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Rose Cottage for all the love and care you gave to Lucy Hope during her 13 years i'm sure you will agree she was a character she loved coming to visit you all thank you from me and Malc xx

Sid Webster

Dog on bed

Thank you to everyone at Rose Cottage for everything you did for Sid over his 14 years. He came to see you many times over the years and we're so very thankful for everything. Sleep tight Sid xxx


Always loving and loyal, Our best friend, never to be forgotten. Rest in peace.
Hogan was truly a family dog and a credit to the Staffordshire bull terrier breed.
Hogan died just a few days short of his 11th birthday. Hogan had been at the vets every month of his life for nearly eleven years yet it never got him down. At times it was really hard dealing with all of Hogan’s aliments. I couldn’t have done it without the help and advice from Jen Quayle. Jen gave Hogan a good quality of life and for that we are truly thankful. Hogan had his own way of doing things and it didn’t matter what you wanted him to do because it was always Hogan’s way which wasn’t a problem to us. One of the best memories I have of Hogan is that every morning he had to be fed at 6.30am every day of the week. One Sunday morning I over slept and woke up at 7am. Hogan followed me into the kitchen and sat there whilst I put his breakfast out for him. When I put his food down he looked at me as if to say what time do you call this. I eat at 6.30 not 7am. He then turned around and walked back to his bed and went back to sleep.
I know everyone’s pets are special to them but to me Hogan was my world and a dog in a million.
Hogan will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him but will never be forgotten.
RIP our best friend xxx.

Hogan 02/10/2004 – 09/09/2015

Paul & Wendy Maher


A one in a million cat. Shadow won so many shows and sired so many beautiful kittens. He will always be fondly remembered.

Sadly missed by Sylvia and Susan.


Seamus was gifted to us at six months of age, he'd been unwanted, a fluffy little chap full of mischief, a typical puppy who nipped at heels and chewed on anything he could get his little teeth into. He left us after 16 wonderful, loyal years. He was the happiest of dogs, full of character,
never grumbling whatever crisis he faced (and there were many). Ken Robinson's skill and loving care, together with the support of all the Rose Cottage staff, pulled him back from the brink on so many occasions. Everyone he met, including four legged ones, was greeted like a long lost friend with much tail wagging. We loved him so much and he is desperately missed, but he will never be forgotten because he left us with so many happy memories.

Margaret and John Batters

Henry Wallis (23/08/2003 - 03/08/2015)

Henry was more than a pet, he was our son, our brother and our friend. Everyone who knew him would agree, he was more human than canine. He was a unique character with antics that always brought a smile. He really was 'one in a million'. He will be greatly missed.

The Wallis Family