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Why is Pet Insurance so important?

There’s no way to anticipate what will happen in the future — you can’t predict when or how your pets will get sick, or how much it will cost. Pet insurance can help cover unexpected costs, whether they be large one off bills or ongoing treatment plans.
Insurance will allow you and your vet to make decisions based on what is best for your pet rather than what you are able to afford.


Things to consider when selecting Pet Insurance

Shopping for pet insurance can be really challenging and confusing! There is so much to consider and making the right decision first time is key to having the best protection for your pet.
Remember not all pet insurance is the same so it is a good idea to check the cover provided and ask if you will be paying more for claiming.

Things to consider

Types of pet insurance polies on the market

The pet insurance market can be very overwhelming but it can be made easier by deciding the type of policy that would suit you best to narrow your search.
Depending on the age of your pet and level of cover you would like to protect them with, you can then start considering the different polices for that type of insurance.


What else could Pet Insurance cover?

Many owners think that taking out pet insurance is just about covering the cost of veterinary care. While that is important, a good policy will also cover you for some of the other unexpected costs of being a pet owner.

What else

Pet insurance in the cost of living crisis

With the cost of living increasing, you may be starting to feel the impact on your monthly budget and looking for ways to reduce outgoings.
Our animal companions are part of the family and provide immeasurable support during hard times, but looking after their needs also contributes to monthly bills.
You may ask yourself if you can afford pet insurance, but when times are tough having the right pet insurance may actually help you manage costs more effectively.

Cost of living

Making claims with us here at Rose Cottage Vets

As of the 1st October 2023, we will be charging a nominal fee of £6.00 to complete direct insurance claims. We have held back from introducing this fee since the practice opened in 1984. Unfortunately, due to additional requirements from Insurance Companies, these fees have become necessary. If you pay your bill at the time of your pet’s treatment, as a gesture of good will, we will waive this fee.
For direct claims, we will require a completed and signed insurance claim form from you, or your permission to submit an online insurance claim at the time of treatment. You will need to pay your insurance excess and the £6.00 administration fee.
Once your insurers have settled a claim, you will be responsible for any further deductions that they may make.

If you have any questions, please ask Reception!

We have dedicated nurses providing help and advice in processing claims. They can also advise you on what type of policy is best for your pet, however are unable to recommend a particular Insurance company