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Why insure my pet?

Modern veterinary medicine has allowed many treatments unheard of many years ago. Unfortunately these advancements are costly both in drugs and equipment. We all want the best for our pets, so insurance gives us the peace of mind to provide the most up to date veterinary care. Sadly 30 % of pets may need some veterinary treatment this year. Insurance means that apart from the excess (and in some cases a percentage) on the policy, the rest of the cost will be covered.

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Helpful advice on choosing insurance:-
• Check whether the policy covers for life. Some policies only cover conditions for a year after which they will not be covered. This is particularly important with chronic conditions like skin problems, where the policies not offering life long coverage per condition are not worth it.
While more expensive, they offer the best cover for your best pal.
• Always read the small print for restrictions on policies
• NEVER change policies or cancel policies before discussing it with our insurance team. The new insurer will not cover pre-existing conditions (conditions claimed on the old policy). Price comparison sites do not warn you of this. BEWARE!
• Choose a policy to suit your needs and budget, but choose wisely to get the best cover. We have a good deal of experience in dealing with insurers so please consult our team.

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We have dedicated nurses providing help and advice in processing claims. They can also help you decide which policy to choose.


It is important to check the terms of a policy. A common mistake is over looking the need for annual vet checks to keep the policy valid. Claims could be rejected if a pet has not had annual health checks.