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Senior Health Screen

Dog on i/v drip

So often we diagnose various illnesses in our elderly pets when they are too advanced, and too late to make an effective impact with treatment. The goal is to diagnose these illnesses before they are advanced.

Our Senior Health Clinics provide the best opportunity to montior our elderly pets, and detect illnesses early on. At these clinics, we carry out a full clinical examination along with taking a thorough history, including questions about mentation and quality of life. A screening blood sample will be performed, along with a urine sample analysis. Blood pressure will be checked and body weight recorded allowing a body condition score to be given.

Idexx analyser

Conditions like kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis and even dementia can be identified in the early stages allowing early treatment and better long term control. "Old age" is not a disease and so many illnesses of elderly pets can be helped providing improved quality of life.

Ring to arrange a Senior Health Screen for your long time friend, and let us improve their quality of life.