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Tick and flea productBravecto is a THREE month flea and tick treatment delivered by a single tablet. Flea control is very effective and tick control is rapid enough to prevent the tick regurgitating its blood meal. This is imporant as infectious diseases carried by ticks, like Lymme disease, are delivered during this regurgitant phase.
As it is a tablet, dogs can be washed or go swimming as often as they want. Enquire at reception about this exciting product.

NEW Cat and Dog spot on Bravecto are now available offering the same cover but in the form of a topical, adding to the range.


It became a legal requirement in April 2016 for all dogs in England to be microchipped. Make sure your dog has been microchipped.

If your dog has not already been microchipped, then ring the surgery to organise it as soon as possible. If a dog is found without a microchip then there is a substantial fine.


TABLE TOP SCALESWe are running free weight loss clinics, where our nurses can advise and guide you through a progressive weight loss programme, using a combination of diet and exercise.