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Exotic Pets

L to R :- Male Fijian Iguana, Lizard's foot, Meerkat, Xray of snake, Veiled Chameleon, Serial radiographs of snake, Galah, Lizard skin (click on images to enlarge)

Our team of vets have a lot of experience in treating a wide variety of species. We handle both medical and surgical cases in many species.

Post surgical lump removal

Female Fijian iguana following a benign lump removal. She recovered well.

Injured kestrel

As well as treating exotic species, we treat many different injured wildlife species brought in by the public. Every effort is made to return these to the wild on recovery, like this injured male kestrel.

Rabbit intensive careWe see guinea pigs from as far away as Anglesey and Preston!
Rabbits make up a large percentage of our case load. Poor diet is one of the commonest reason for illness in rabbits. To ensure good health for your rabbit, discuss their diet with us.

We also see a variety of pet chickens, which are increasing in popularity, and make very good pets.

For all species, correct husbandry and diet are essential. Please discuss this with our vets BEFORE buying any exotic pet. Most diseases we see in exotic species are affected by poor diet or living conditions.